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Facial Services

All treatments start with a consultation to determine the best service(s) for you and your skincare concerns and goals. 

All facial treatments are completely customizable using organic and vegan products. Specific Phyto nutrients, powerful plant extracts, essential vitamins & minerals, antioxidants, and peptides will be chosen to best treat your skincare needs.  An aromatherapy relaxation massage makes these treatments truly beneficial for mind and body.

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The Basic (Not So Basic) 

Perfect for first time facial client, completely customizable to address your specific skincare needs.  Add on services available to make this a truly individual experience.

          Any skin type/concern       

 60 min $95

*teen or express (no massage) 45 min $75

Thirst Quencher

This facial is all about nourishing and hydrating your thirsty skin.  Includes a deeper exfoliation, to be determined by your skin type, specialized serums and masks to replenish and revitalize dull and dehydrated skin.  Amazing antioxidants will defend and strengthen your skin against environmental stressors and aggressors.  Your skin will thank you.

*Superstar ingredients - hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q-10,  vitamins A, B's, C & E   

Any skin type, dull, dehydrated

60 - 75 min $125

The Fountain of Youth

Take a dip in the fountain of youth with this super powered, treatment packed facial to restore your skin's youthful glow. Powerful anti-aging ingredients will leave your skin hydrated and plump.  A deeper exfoliation, to be determined by skin type, will promote cellular turnover and have you glowing.  Specialized anti-aging massage with hands, gua sha and dermal rollers will leave your skin firm and lifted.  Anti-ageing eye treatment to hydrate and plump the eye area. Two specialized treatment masks to end this luxurious facial.

Any skin type, mature, aging concerns, dehydrated

*Superstar ingredients - Rosehips oil, hibiscus, rosemary, vitamins A, B's, C & E

90 min $155

Clear & Calm

Problem skin?  No problem with this calming, clarifying, and balancing facial.  Includes a specialized serums, vitamins & minerals, and mask(s) to target, treat, and bring balance to your skin without causing dryness or irritation. Antioxidants will arm your skin to defend itself from environmental stressors.

Any skin type, problematic, inflamed, sensitive, dehydrated, congested 

*Superstar ingredients - green, white and rooibos tea, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B's & E

75 mins $135

Brighten Up

Brighten up and even out with this vitamin C superstar facial.  Uneven, dull skin will be glowing.  Fruit acids digest dead skin, concentrated skin vitamins nourish and replenish.  Vitamin C and Willow Bark lighten and brighten with other antioxidants to protect and arm your skin against environmental stressors and aggressors.

Any skin type, uneven pigmentation, dull, dehydrated

*Superstar ingredients - vitamin C&E, willow bark, rosehips, cranberry, raspberry, blueberry

75 min $135

Not Just a Peel

Don't have time for a full facial?  This quicky treatment offers not just a peel, but extractions and a mask too.  Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or trying to correct an issue with a series.

Any skin type

*Type of peel to be determined 

*Superstar ingredients - AHA's, BHA's, fruit enzymes

30 min $50/$25 add on 

Body Treatments

Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your body needs some love too.  Body treatments are just as luxurious as they are beneficial.  Smooth hydrated skin and a relaxed mind will be yours.  Whether you need a full body exfoliation, some slimming and firming, detoxification or just relaxation, we will choose the best body treatment for you.   

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Got Your Back

A facial for the neglected skin on your back.  Incudes cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage and a mask.  Whether you have problematic skin, need a deep exfoliation or just relaxation, I got your back!

60 min $75

*Add on CBD treatment for extra relaxation $10

Neck to Toe Glow

For an all-over full body exfoliation and hydration, The Neck to Toe body treatment is the perfect solution.  An enzymatic body scrub will absorb and digest dead layers of skin. The Vichy shower will rinse away the scrub while the cascading water massages, aids in lymphatic drainage and helps to improve circulation.  Neck to Toe hydration using lotion and/or oil with essential oils that aid in stress relief and a light effleurage massage will have your body soft, hydrated and glowing.

*Superstar ingredients - Walnut shell, AHA's, BHA's, vitamin B & E, white willow bark, aloe

75 min $175

*Add a detoxifying soak 15 min $25

*Add CBD treatment for extra relaxation $10

Calming Cocoon

Get all wrapped up in a warm cocoon of herbs and clay to tone, firm and detox the body.  Complimented with a salt, clay and ginger detox soak in the soaking tub to further aid in detoxification of trapped toxins, remineralization of the body, and promote complete relaxation.  Finish with a full body hydration with lotion and/or oils with essential oils to aid in stress relief.  Emerge from this treatment lighter in mind and body.

*Superstar ingredients - bentonite clay, peppermint, ginger, green tea, Brahmi, neem, turmeric, meadowfoam seed, evening primrose, vitamins B & E

90 min $195

*Add CBD treatment for extra relaxation $10

*Can be done in a series without soaking tub, ask about pricing

Glowing Cocoon

A combination of the Calming Cocoon with the Neck to Toe Glow.

2 hours  $250


spa soli lotus.png

Brighten & Glow

Two and a half hours dedicated to making you glow from your face to your toes.  A combination of the Brighten Up facial, the All About the Eyes eye treatment, and the Neck to Toe Glow.

2.5 hours  $275

Infrared Sauna

Fits two people

$30 for up to 30 minutes

$45 for over 30 minutes up to an hour

All About the Eyes

Are the windows to your soul looking tired and puffy?  Your eyes work hard for you every day and deserve a treatment all their own.  Products specifically designed for the delicate eye area combined with specialized anti-ageing massage techniques, pressure point, lymphatic drainage, and a cooling alginate mask will refresh, depuff, and reduce appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.  This treatment is also perfect to relieve headaches and sinus pressure.  Perfect as a stand-alone treatment or can be added on to any facial.

Any skin type, dark circles, puffiness, premature ageing, mature

*Superstar ingredients - Vitamins A, C, B's &E, gingko biloba, seaweed, peptides

30 min $45/$20 add on

Baby it's cold outside...
Winter Specials

Please email or call 860-231-1004 to book appointments or for more information
All sessions are by appointment only
Hours are by appointment only


*$50 off a private Salt Cave session for two
*Half price Salt Cave or Infrared Sauna session with a facial or Body Treatment
*10% off public Salt Cave session

*$150 value
*Valid with a minimum of $125 value facial or body treatment
*$40 value


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